Sunday, May 23, 2021

Xhou Bai-Den's Friends

It's not only Joe Biden* who sucked up to the Chinese Communists.

It's Briggs & Stratton, GM, Chrysler, Apple, Nike, and lots of Big Pharma.  And that's just a short-list.

Here's what their BFF, the ChiComs, do.

China operates an estimated 1,200 concentration camps in its Xinjiang province
Three million members of the Kazakh and Uyghur ethnic minorities are interned
Prisoners are raped, beaten and tortured and organs are likely harvested for sale

Let's not forget that they also developed and released a bio-weapon now known as "Covid-19".  They did that with Anthony Fauci's encouragement and assistance.

But hey!!  Wall Street and the Big Boys got their holy grail market share!  What else counts?

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