Sunday, May 23, 2021

Didja Use Folded Mail-In Ballot?

If you requested a mail-in ballot, it was probably folded into the mailing envelope.  You marked it and either mailed it back or dropped it off.

Then it was run through a machine counter.

That's apparently a problem.

Earlier today, auditors in Windham, New Hampshire started testing if “folds in ballots” impacted the vote counts in the 2020 election.

...The recount of the votes was very close to the hand recount from November 12.

That means the voting machines are confirmed to be unreliable....

These LHS machines were used in at least four New England states, and perhaps elsewhere in the US.

You know what the "press" will say about this?  

Place your bets on 'NOT A DAMN THING."

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