Friday, May 07, 2021

Yes, The Election Was STOLEN in WI

 O'Donnell puts all the pieces together and yes, the Democrats stole the election in Wisconsin.

That includes Megan Wolfe (with the help of 2 Vos appointee-dumbasses on WEC), Barrett, the library-aide in Green Bay, the deeply compromised far-Lefty in Racine, and the not-very-bright mayor of Kenosha.  I'd mention Madison but that goes without saying.

Here's how it worked.  The City election clerks did NOT clean up the 240,000 or so names which were registered to vote but who didn't return their postcard to confirm their residence.  That was an apparent violation of State law, but who cares?

Then Fuckerberg spent millions of dollars to implant Democrat operatives (read:  petty criminals) into City election staff where they made certain--illegally--that absentee ballots were returned.  Those ballots were returned to the "drop-boxes" so nobody (except the criminals and their accomplices) knew for certain who actually cast the votes(Now you know why election- and recount-observers were NOT allowed to see the signatures on the ballot envelope, much less the comparison with the 'on-file' signatures. )

In Milwaukee, the op included questionably-legal access to DAILY updates on who voted and who didn't provided to the Fuckerberg criminal operative. 

Trump "lost" the State by about 20,000 votes.  Not hard to "find" 20K in that 240K list--or in nursing homes, or even in voting machine manipulation which was done in other battleground States and has not been eliminated as a cause of the theft in Wisconsin.

Question:  when W.I.L.L. sued the WEC instead of the various election clerks, did they throw the hounds off the scent?

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Anonymous said...

NO, the election was NOT stolen in Wisconsin.