Wednesday, May 11, 2022

"The Feeeelz" vs. The Truth

Imagine a newspaper finding a way to attack the Catholic church!!  Can you believe it??

When her teenager came out last year as transgender, one Milwaukee mother’s devout Catholic faith wasn’t a cause for conflict. It served as a roadmap for empathy....

The Feeelz.  Not The Truth.  (NB:  no mention of "father" in that anecdote, nor in the anecdote of a St. Robert's parishioner.  Hmmmmmm.)

 ...But a new policy from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee says all Catholic institutions in the area should only recognize a person's sex assigned at birth. It forbids anyone, whether they're transgender or not, from designating their pronouns in speech or writing because that “promotes an acceptance of the separability of biological sex and ‘gender’ and thus opposes the truth of our sexual unity.”...

Note the term "truth" in the Archdiocesan statement.  You won't find it in any of The Feeeelz' proponents.

...Students and staff must wear the uniforms and use the bathrooms that match their sex assigned at birth. Students must participate in the sports [sic] and, if attending an all-boys or all-girls school, attend a school that matches their sex assigned at birth. And no one can distribute or take gender transition medication on archdiocesan property. ...

The truth.

Now for more fun with "journalism:" leaders in local parishes and schools are grappling with how to serve the growing number of transgender faithful, who may feel erased by the policy.

Research shows that transgender people, especially youth, are deeply vulnerable when they are not accepted by their families, peers and faith communities: Between a third and a half of transgender teens have attempted suicide at least once in their lives, a study in Pediatrics found....

"Growing number" means.....exactly.......what?  Any percentages?  Actual numbers?  Nope.

And that 'suicide' thing........umnnnhhhhh........does that confuse cause and effect?  Who knows??

 ...The mother of the Milwaukee teen who came out as transgender doubts the document will actually accomplish what church leaders hope it does.

“I don't think there's somebody who is transgender who's going to say, ‘Oh, well, never mind then, I guess I'll just stay the way I am so I can stay Catholic,’” she said. “No, I feel like it's much more likely to build up these further walls between a marginalized community and the Catholic Church.”...

The Feeelz, not The Logic.  (And again, no "father" mentioned here.   Hmmmmmm.)

It must have killed the reporter to know that a Hispanic (MINORITY!!!) priest wrote the Archdiocesan policy paper.

 ...The Journal Sentinel also asked [Fr.] Bustos about criticism from transgender advocates that the archdiocese policy would push away vulnerable people, whom Catholics are taught to embrace.

“I'm sorry they feel that way,” he said.

The policy is not saying anything the Catholic Church has not already said about gender identity, Bustos said.

“I could see that some people may feel uncomfortable about it, but that doesn't take away the fact that that's our faith, and that’s the truth that we live in in our Catholic Church,” he said. “But again, we are called to help individuals to feel welcome in our churches.”...

It's also 'the truth' everywhere else in the world, in case you were wondering.

More Feeeeelzz:


...Late last year, 10-year-old Luna came out as transgender to her mother Carrie Mihal. Since then, the family has switched to using she/her pronouns and has done what they can to be supportive. But life at St. Robert School, the private Catholic school in Shorewood she's attended since the pandemic, has become tumultuous.

School administrators haven't allowed Luna to wear the girls' uniform, or clothing like skirts on no-uniform day, and Mihal often gets calls during the school day explaining that Luna is having emotional breakdowns....

Again, no father quoted nor mentioned.  Odd, that.

Kudos to Fr. Bustos and Abp. Listecki.  Hold fast to that which is good and true!!

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