Tuesday, May 17, 2022

RoJo Spends on Ukraine (??!!)

Not too surprising; Ron Johnson decided to spend $40 BILLION that the US doesn't have to support Ukraine's bureaucrats--and even worse, the US State Department's spend-spend-spend.

Has Europe spent anything on this war?

Yes.  About one-third of the US spend.  


Here's a partial list (military spend can be found at the link):

— $8.77 billion in economic assistance for Ukraine;
— $4.35 billion in humanitarian aid for Ukraine;
— $4 billion for foreign military financing program (run by the State Department);
— $900 million for the Administration for Children and Families for refugee and entrant assistance;
— $500 million for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development;
— $400 million for the international narcotics control and law enforcement to combat human trafficking and collect evidence of war crimes;
— $350 million for the State Department’s Migration and Refugee Assistance;
— $190 million for the State Department for “Diplomatic Programs;
— $150 million for the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program;
— $110 million for the State Department for embassy security, construction, and maintenance;
— $100 million for the State Department for nonproliferation, anti-terrorism, de-mining and related programs;
— $67 million for the Justice Department;
— $54 million for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to carry out public health and disease detection related to Ukraine;
— $17 million for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID);
— $10 million for the State Department’s “Capital Investment Fund”;
— $4 million for the State Department’s Office of Inspector General;
— $2 million for “salaries and expenses” to provide regulatory and technical support; and
— $1 million for USAID’s Office of Inspector General.

How's your baby formula supply?  Any of your friends or relatives die from drug OD due to the invasion from the South?

Don'cha love how the US Government spends your grandchildren's money?

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