Sunday, May 22, 2022

Wherein Frank Gaffney Echoes Dad29

We've raised the possibility that Red China is conducting economic warfare against the US (and other parts of the West) through its 'lockdowns' of various cities--most recently Shanghai.

Those interruptions in commerce have had serious consequences over here, especially for manufacturing of anything requiring chips, but also including furniture, clothing, and certain metal components.

In the Bannon show of yesterday, Frank Gaffney, a well-respected China analyst, raised the same concern.  (Go to ~30.00 in this recording.)



Grim said...

Why do you think of Gaffney as a well respected China analyst? I’ve met him a few times, and I never got the idea that China was a major interest of his — not beyond a general hostility to Communism.

Dad29 said...

Eh. Bannon loves him. But you're right that Gaffney's interest in China has a good deal to do with his interest in Communism.