Friday, May 20, 2022


We are not fans of Elon Musk.  His cars his revenue stream is VERY dependent on Government largesse.  Since we are not Twitter, we are not animated one way or the other about his purchase (although it will be a lot of fun to watch him grind current shareholders to dust.)


Since he represents a serious threat to the Left with his Twitter thannng, they're trying all sorts of things to rip down his fortune.  So the SEC was called out to snoop around his dealings, the unions who HATE him for being union-free in his auto biz, and various other suspicious ne'er-do-wells are activated.

Including the Aggrieved Woman.*  (There is one for every occasion; you can purchase blonde, brunet, red-head, busty, flattish, leggy or not-so-much, deep tan or housewife your order!!!)

This one claims that Musk got waaaayyyy too frisky in his airplane where she was just stewardessing.  Huh.  She screamed about this event before and was given $250K to STFU and go away.  She took the money, meaning that we know her price (as Churchill would say). 

Maybe she's telling the truth.  Awfully damned convenient timing, no?

Or maybe her price went up. 

*N.B.:  The report is hearsay; a FRIEND of the aggrieved woman told this story.  That's even more.....ahhh.......curious.


Anonymous said...

Voc day said Musk is planned oppostion. Kabuki theatre Just changing one gate keeper for another...

Still he’s an incredible tax sucker.
He wouldn’t be the richest man in the world if it wasn’t for tax subsidies.

And when his batteries catch on fire how hot do they get when they’re in your garage?

Maybe there is a remote access that could cause
the battery to spontaneously ignight? How sad if all evidence of the cause of the fire just happens to burn up........ can you imagine how things would go with the Biden administration had those codes to do just that....

After Covid conspiracy theories are no longer theories


Dad29 said...

I read Vox's stuff with a GREAT DEAL of skepticism.