Friday, May 13, 2022

Musk Looks at the Teeth of the TwitterHorse

A few of you will recognize the genesis of the headline.


...Musk learned on Friday morning that fake or spam accounts on Twitter make up less than five percent of users.

The more spambots on the site, the worse its market value is. The less, the higher because it means more advertising capability. No business wants to advertise on Twitter if nearly 30 percent of the eyes that will see it are fake. If Musk is going to spend $44 billion on something, he wants to make sure that every detail about the site is correct and that he knows what he’s getting into.

Do you check your bag of food at the drive-thru before you drive away? Musk is just checking his bag.

Indeed, Musk assured everyone that he’s still committed to the purchase no matter what and this pause is just temporary while the numbers are sorted out....

The reporting here is wrong.

Musk did not 'learn' that spambots were 5%.  He was told that by Twitter management, but he does not trust them--so he's asking for definitive proof.

Bannon has been yelling for Musk to back out of the deal, thus collapsing Twitter's share value--and then moving in again and buying it at a bargain price.  Wouldn't surprise me for a second if this is the vehicle Musk is using to batter down the price of Twitter.

It would be a crying shame if Dorsey ( saw their share-value drop by 50%, wouldn't it?

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