Thursday, May 19, 2022

"Unanimously Hired"? Bee Ess.

This selection was a mistake.  All you have to do is hear her talk about Critical Theory (race, gender, whatever) and you know we are paying $1 million/year (don't forget her husband and free housing!!) for a load of crap.

Then there's this:

...Regents Vice President Karen Walsh defended the board's decision to hire Mnookin, which was unanimously made by board members appointed by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and by former Republican Gov. Scott Walker....

That's a half-truth.  Anyone who has ever served on a Board knows it, too.  A majority reaches a decision on a hire art that level and the minority is TOLD to 'make this unanimous' for the sake of appearances, unity, comity, whatever.  Usually the minority is weak-willed or weak-minded enough to cave.

And they did.


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susan said...

"Usually the minority is weak-willed or weak-minded enough to cave."

so, in other words, it was unanimous.