Saturday, May 14, 2022

Pelosi: "Some Pigs Are More Equal..."

Pelosi, who likes to fly home and back using Air Force Gulfstream-5's, thought she'd spread the perks around a bit--to Congressmen and their staffers.

...the House Chief Administrative Officer announc[ed] a new "House Drinks storefront" in the Rayburn House Office Building where lawmakers and staff can buy beverages, wine and liquor....

Oh, HELL no, that's not all!

...multiple members of Congress confirmed to Just the News that the Chief Administrative Officer has also decided to provide all lawmakers, staff and Capitol Police officers with free VIP memberships to Peloton gyms....

(Ashli BabbittSay her name, CapCop bitchezzzz.) 

Diesel fuel will be rationed soon.  Gasoline prices highest ever in US.  Baby formula not available.  Overall cost-of-living up 11% or so since last year.  Nuclear war rumbles in the background, Taiwan likely to be part of Red China this year, and the Federal Debt is UNPAYABLE.

Biden, Nancy and the Democrat Horde eat the substance out of America.

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