Monday, May 23, 2022

Go To Harvard. Become an Idiot!

This guy Furman teaches at Harvard.  Taking his class will make you an idiot.

FURMAN:  “Look, we’ve seen a remarkable thing. Consumers, if you survey them, are very pessimistic and negative about the economy. When they vote with their wallets, we saw- we got the consumer spending data for April and it was way up. Consumer spending on just about everything has been booming. Over the next 6 to 12 months, I’m not super worried about a recession. After that is where I start to get worried because that’s where the Fed’s policy will start having more of an effect.”

--quoted at Last Refuge

As Last Refuge makes clear, here's what the Idiot forgets:  prices are up about 9% since last year.  So yes, consumers are 'spending more.'

But they're getting the same amount of goods for their 9% increase in spend.

Harvard School of Idiocy.

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Anonymous said...

Jason is just being a good little Jewish boy and is talking the narrative while his fellow chosenites
Are running the Biden money laundering outfit in the Ukraine and are getting ready ration fuel here at home so they can pump up Europe at our expense

Nothing to see here
just be a good little Ruby and crawl back in your hole and pull the rock in on top...

Well I miss the good all days when Harvard used to be a Christian University