Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Ritter Switch-View on Ukraine

Only a couple of weeks ago, Scott Ritter (controversial, I know) was of the opinion that Russia was going to prevail in its quest to 'liberate' the two eastern provinces of Ukraine.  Ritter granted that it would take time, as the Russian strategy appeared to be an inch-by-inch clearing of Ukie troops east of the Dnieper; with serious artillery barrages clearing the way of the troops.

Now Ritter has re-thought.  It seems that he now expects a re-run of 'trench warfare' which may not be as deadly as the WWI version, but which will get the same results:  a stalemate.  It's Ritter's opinion that Putin will have to mobilize a far larger army in order to 'push' the Ukies out of the territory Russia wants.

This was discovered by Wauck, who mentions that Lloyd Austin's request for a cease-fire came AFTER the Ritter interview was taped.  But Ritter's intimation of 'stalemate' happens to comport with what the NSA thinks, as we mentioned earlier.

Red China comes up in the video discussion as a friend of Russia, but where Red China is the "big" brother--thus Russia is the "little" brother; an interesting take.  Only 50 years ago that would have been a laughable position to hold.


Anonymous said...

Ritter is right. He reevaluated and came up with a revised position. Something you can learn from.

Dad29 said...

Stay tuned.

And regardless of 'who's winning' over there, the USA has ZERO VITAL NATIONAL INTERESTS in that area of the world. SO naturally, Fitzgerald and Johnson voted to send $40BN over there--that we don't have and never will have.