Sunday, May 22, 2022

Global Warming? Not Lately

The accurate measures are in the atmosphere, not at parking lots in NYC.

...In a major re-evaluation of data from meteorology balloons rising through the troposphere, the scientists confirmed that temperatures have mostly paused since around 1998. The discovery can only add to pressure to re-open the so-called ‘settled science’ debate around global warming and the central part it plays in the 30-year rush towards Net Zero. Readings throughout the troposphere, Earth’s lower atmosphere that extends in parts up to 15 km altitude, have been available for many years. 

The researchers were able to use measuring metadata to improve the consistency of records obtained from almost 700 global locations, recording twice a day since 1978, at 16 pressure levels. The slowdown since 1998 observed in the balloon data is confirmed by accurate satellite data, which also shows a current pause of about 91 months....

So killing off base-load coal-fired electric plants was.............a waste of money.  

And--as a bonus--there's the real possibility of rolling blackouts all over the Midwest this summer!!!

 Once again the Enlightened Ones have found a way to make the Dirt People pay.

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