Saturday, May 14, 2022

$58BN for a "Stalemate" in Ukraine?

Yes, it's $58 BILLION.  We already coughed up $18BN or so and except for Rand Paul's standing in the breach (temporarily) we'll ship another $40 BILLION soon.  A chunk of that will pay the salaries, benefits, and pensions of Ukraine's bureaucrats.

(How's your grocery bill looking?  That last fill-up at BP cost you....what....about $60.00?  Checked the price of automobiles lately?)

So what do we get for that?

...There was a critical point made last week by Defense Intel Agency (DIA) Director Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier, that not a single media outlet or politician discussed.  During his briefing to the Senate Armed Services Committee, Berrier was asked “can Ukraine win” the conflict against Russia? Lt. General Berrier replied:

 “That is a difficult predication to make. I think where the assessment is at, is a prolonged stalemate should no factor change on either side. In other words, the Russians continue to do what they’re doing, and we continue to do what we are doing for the Ukranians.” ...

$58 BILLION and counting buys you a stalemate!

WAR-WAR Hannity didn't mention that, did he?  Nor did any Democrat, nor Republican politician.

Nor did the MSM.

They want you to be like a mushroom.  Kept in the dark and covered with poop.

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