Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Milwaukee Archdiocese Has Bad Company

The "80% Coalition" claims (erroneously) that 80% of Wisconsin residents want more gun control.

That may not be true; after all, the number is four years old and the question is very poorly worded, to be kind.

Anyhow, here's a partial list of the members:

...Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Bishops Against Gun Violence, Brady: United Against Gun Violence, Community Coalition for Quality Policing, Crusaders of Justicia, Doctors for America, Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee, Felmers Chaney Advocacy Board, First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, Forward Latino, Greater Milwaukee Synod, ELCA...

 (You can find the entire list at this link.)

Any time you are on the same list as the Unitarians, ELCA, and the Episcopalians, you should double-check what the Hell you just signed.  Retract the signature.

Then ask for your money back, Excellency.

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