Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Great M. Stanton Evans

We read his columns in Human Events for years.  Every one was a grand slam.

Here, Evans gives "The Great Society" exactly what it deserves.  

...President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs were another target of Evans, noting early on that they were turning into a sinecure for “caring” professionals of the welfare state. JFK’s brother-in-law Sargent Shriver, head of Johnson’s Office of Economic Opportunity, complained about an Evans column but proved his point: “I am confident that the new importance the War on Poverty is giving to the helping professions will have a beneficial effect both locally and nationally on the often inadequate salaries in those fields.” Evans understood the war between the Right and Left is really “a war between the permanent government and the elected government.”...

That was in 1963.  

Neither Dick Nixon, Ron Reagan, GHW Bush, Bush the Dumber, nor Donald Trump has done One.  Damn.  Thing.  about the welfare-state promoting "caring" professionals.

Well, those "professionals" DO care.  About their own income, benefits, and retirements.  And to Hell with yours, pal.

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