Sunday, May 29, 2022

Chisholm's "Success"

So far in 2022, homicides are 26% greater than in 2021.

And 2021 was a record year.

This is what John Chisholm predicted--that there would be 'more' killings under his system.  Thanks, John!

But he's not the only problem.  Under the Wisconsin constitution, bail/bond is fairly easy to obtain.  Legislation has been introduced to change the terms of bail/bond in Wisconsin to allow more detentions of serious repeat criminal offenders awaiting trial.  It's not going anywhere this year, of course, since Vos & LeMahieu want 'political points' ahead of the election.

See, solving problems is NOT the business of politicians.  Getting re-elected IS the business.  So there are dead bodies.

Ain't this great?

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