Saturday, May 28, 2022

Signs: Ukraine Retreating

The London Daily Mail has been a reliable mouthpiece for British intel and political sources; its coverage of the Ukraine war has been aggressively pro-Ukraine/anti-Russia for months.  The Brits are far more committed to overthrowing Putin than is the US and the rest of Europe; this has been called "Britain's War".

So when the Daily Mail goes into reverse.....

Ukraine has admitted it may have to retreat from its last post in the Luhansk region as Russian forces continue their relentless march.

Putin's forces - now into their fourth month of the invasion - have concentrated on the east of the country in recent weeks.

Ukrainian soldiers leaving Luhansk will be a blow to the country, due to its symbolic significance in the war.

Oh my!!

We've always been skeptical of the 'Russian army incompetent boobs and un-trained conscripts' line, not to mention the blatant photoshopped propaganda put out by Zelenskiy (rumored to be at his mansion in Israel these days.)

So when the Daily Mail goes toes-up......

Calling Ron Johnson!!  Get our $40 BILLION back!!


Mar said...

And Dad cheers on Putin.

Dad29 said...

Sure, that's it. You got your Democrat talking point down very well.

Next thing, you'll be mumbling about "not-gun" mass killings in Europe because you didn't read the citation thoroughly.