Sunday, May 22, 2022

FearPorn, MonkeyPox Version

Nice little clip here from Bannon's house allowing Dr. Malone to plant the truth flag on the newest FearPorn, monkeypox.

1)  It's not very lethal:  <1%

2)  It's currently showing only in actively-practicing homosexual men

3)  The number of cases is extremely small in the West; only 2 in the US and 140+ elsewhere

There's another very enlightening revelation on that clip.  Seems that Bill Gates' 'philanthropy' is really a money-laundering scheme.  Gates set up a foundation a long time ago.  With foundation money, he purchases "humanitarian" vaccines, treatments, (etc.) from drug companies in which he has a financial (investment) interest.

Neat trick from the inventor of the BSOD, eh?

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Grim said...

A Southern lady of my acquaintance writes, "The 'k' in 'Monkeypox' is silent."