Saturday, May 21, 2022

The Trenchant Texan99

A frequent contributor at Grim's Place is "Texan99" who IIRC is a lady in Southern Texas.

She read a piece in FrontPage about soccer, but drew a much larger lesson.

You can equalize salaries when the people getting paid aren't doing anything that matters. --FrontPage

Texan99's trenchant corollary:

...This scales up brilliantly to a lot of public-sector work, as well as monopolies and industries heavily infiltrated by the state...

You will be hard-pressed to contradict that with a preponderance of the evidence. 

(The FrontPage piece is a hoot, by the way.  Read it!)

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Anonymous said...

Verizon is a monopoly
Some years ago they lobby for laws and they got them that put their competition out of business.

They’ve taken away all the power of their managers to make decisions
I really can’t figure out the purpose of their employees and their managers since nobody can make a decision when there’s a problem

No the rudest bunch of bastards you ever want to meet