Friday, May 20, 2022

Look West, Vos and LeMahieu!

Just in case Vos and LeMahieu (who inherited his seat) think that they are permanently entitled.....

In Idaho:

...a conservative wave fueled by anger at the outcome of the 2020 elections and [Gov.] Little’s own effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic crashed over what is already one of the most ruby-red states in America.

Twenty incumbent (R) state legislators either lost their seats or lost races to move from the House to the Senate on Tuesday.

Among them: state Sen. Carl Crabtree (R), chairman of the Senate Education Committee; state Sen. Jeff Agenbroad (R), chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee; state Sen. Jim Patrick (R), chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee; state Sen. Fred Martin (R), chairman of the Health and Welfare Committee; and state Sen. Peter Riggs (R), Martin’s vice chairman and the son of former Lt. Gov. Jack Riggs (R)....

But by all means, LeMahieu, let politics be more important than public safety.  By all means, Vos, tell your lawyers to allow Election Fraud!!

Expect a just reward, boys.

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