Friday, May 13, 2022

Panic Over Michel's Election Board Promise

This is fun to watch.  Tim Michels wants to fire the entire Election Board and its senior staffers and start over again.

That put a Lefty Lawyer/Election Board Democrat Election Machine member into a panic.

...Democratic chairwoman of the Wisconsin Elections Commission Ann Jacobs said Michels' plan demonstrates he does not understand how elections are run in Wisconsin.

"This is craziness - it demonstrates a total lack of understanding how elections work. There would be no guidance for elections at all? And no staff? Just an empty office? Who will administer registrations? the Wisvote database?" Jacobs said in a tweet. ...

Frankly, Annie, given the outright lawbreaking pushed by you and your ultra-Lefty staffers out there, the State would be better off without you.  The State would be better off with 1,000 monkeys typing novels in that office, Annie.

Do you REALLY want to talk about the 'voter database', Annie??  Really?  The one with "voters" having birthdays at the beginning of the last century?  The one with 4900 voters having ZIP Code of "99999"?

We're not done, Annie.  Following the end of Evers and Kaul--this Fall--there will be criminal investigations and LOTS of prosecutions for the frauds in Milwaukee, Dane, Racine, Kenosha, and Brown Counties.  

It's no wonder that you've instructed the local press (including the TeeeeVeeeee outlets) to totally ignore 2000 Mules.  You don't want to make it too easy for juries to send your pals to prison.

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