Monday, May 30, 2022

The Gutless, Brainless, Cave-in on "Red Flag"

Bonchie is of the opinion that the GOPe is going to cave on "red flag" law. appears “red flag” laws will be the major concession by Republicans going forward. Yet, putting aside the constitutional issues at play (due process), my primary aversion to the idea is simply that they don’t seem to work, at least in regards to mass shooters. New York has an extremely broad red flag law. It didn’t stop the Buffalo grocery store shooter just a few weeks ago....

To review:  "red flag" law allows law enforcement to confiscate all your weapons based on an a "tip" that Joe Blow (or Susie Smith) is 'dangerous.'  There is no due process; maybe you can get your guns back after a court hearing, but it's not a hearing subject to the 4th Amendment; it doesn't require a defense lawyer (public defender) and it has no "speedy trial" clause.  You will be defenseless AND maligned.

If you think that's kind of Stalin-esque, you hit the analogy jackpot.

So that ex-spouse who holds a grudge?  The employee you fired for theft?  The neighbor who thinks his dog can crap on your yard?

Yup.  They're all eligible tipsters. 

And the gutless, brainless, GOPe, led by two major Deep State players (Turtle and California Boy) will sell you out for Good Press.

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