Friday, May 27, 2022

Grim On "Gun Control"

We all know that "gun control" really means "confiscate all the guns" from those who admit to having them (or who are on record as having them)--the law-abiding citizens.

Grim contemplates one of the consequences of that possibility: would subject Americans to the same kind of criminal violence as Mexicans or Brazilians from cartels and other organized crime. Brazil and Mexico, big multi-ethnic American states, are much better analogs for the USA than the European nations people like to cite. The same cartels operate here as there. They terrorize Mexico's citizens because they are disarmed, not because they are weaker people than Americans. They terrorize their police into accepting bribes in lieu of death because the police are isolated and alone, rather than being supported by a large armed populace. We're able to hold all this in check as well as we do because of our broad, deep capacity to resist organized criminal violence. ...

Given what we already know about the Biden Regime, that's a consequence they would be happy about.  Getting rid of uppity citizens who dare speak up is right in line with their actions so far.


...if a squad of cops is afraid to confront one AR-15 imagine how fun it will be to forcibly confiscate 20 million of them...

Indeed.  Will be worth the price of admission to watch, no?

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