Thursday, May 26, 2022

Dear Excellency: WRONG!!

The Archbishop of San Fran, fresh from dropping the hammer on Pelosi, comes up with a naive "solution" to killing people:

There have to be sensible gun regulations to help stem the pandemic of gun violence, such as stronger background checks, restrictions on AR-15s, and raising the age of purchasers to 21.

1)  How much "stronger" can background checks be?  It's a national criminal/mental health inquiry, for crying out loud.  Now, then--if some State or subdivision fails to enter the information, well.....that's on the State or subdivision.

2)  Why restrict the AR?  There are plenty of lethal semi-auto rifles out there--some FAR more lethal than an AR.  You are merely repeating the jabber of Democrat politicians, and you really ought to know better about THEM, Excellency.

3)  Many States do have a 21-year-old requirement.  Of course, we send 18-year-olds into war, but since we GIVE them the rifles, that makes it all better, right?  Don't they have deer or squirrel-hunting in California, by the way?  Is the 18-year-old supposed to kill the animal with a rock?

Perhaps you should get a few extra exorcists into play in your Archdiocese.  Then work on finding ways to keep parents married, because as you well know, divorce breeds very serious family problems.

Also pray. 


Anonymous said...

Are there homeschooling resources and products for dual-mother tongue (English-Spanish) kids…?

Because there is going to be a surge in request for this in the southern USA as we collapse..... A great Business opportunity

Anonymous said...

Maybe the home-schoolers can include shooting in the curriculum?


Anonymous said...

Strangely enough, military bases are "gun free zones" as far as the grunts are concerned. Thank Slick Willie for that fact.

Anonymous said...

We need bishops popes with miters and swords papal tiaras and assault rifles who are willing to lead armies.

We once had them and must reclaim of them


Evangeline said...

Maybe he's throwing the rabid left a bone, tired of getting so much heat over rightfully ending the Pelosi witch presenting herself at the altar for Holy Communion.

He's doing what so many are doing, on abortion, on the Catholic Church, on Covid, now on guns. Talking about something he obviously knows very little about. We're all experts in everything now.

Liam Ronan said...

Why not ban trucks and automobiles? There are no background checks for drivers' licenses and how many homicidal maniacs have used motor vehicles to plow into crowds of innocents to wreak carnage as bad if not worse as what happened in Texas.
Car bombs truck bombs. Drugged and drunken operators. Ban motor vehicles, I say.

Aqua said...

2nd Ammendnent: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Key terms: (1) “Necessary to the security of a free State”. (2) “Shall not be infringed”.

Our Constitutional rights are all tied to our Natural Rights, as created beings made in the image and likeness of God.

The 2A is tied to the 5th Comnandnent - Thou shalt not kill (murder unjustly). We not only may, we *must* defend our life and those of innocents from violence and murder.

We are not truly “free”, per the 2A text, unless we can arm ourselves *as necessary* to defend innocent life - individual (criminal) or social (war and oppression).

It is lawless to restrict gun rights without first amending the Constitution. If the Bishops want their flock exposed to violent crime, they will have to make the case by amending the Constitution so that citizens can no longer defend themselves.

Good luck with that.

Unknown said...

Heck, let's have gun confiscation. But start on the South and West Sides of Chicago and let us know how well you're doing.

Anonymous said...

The Archbishop should control his own Twitter account to prevent these sorts of things