Sunday, May 15, 2022

Abbott: 'The White House Lied About Us'

 If you think that the Biden Regime is fighting against U.S. citizens, you're right.  Here's an update on the baby-formula situation.

First off, remember that the Regime knew about the problem in February.  This didn't sneak up on "mind-reader Joe" just last week.

Then recall that a White House 'adviser' flat-out lied about contamination at the Abbott plant in Sturgis, MI--which was peremptorily shut down by FDA and remains shut down to this day.  They lied again in a presser last week.

Abbott isn't taking this lying down, to their credit.

...A comprehensive investigation by Abbott, FDA and CDC found no evidence that our formulas caused infant illnesses....

There were two different contaminants found in a NON-production area of the plant.  After genetic sequencing of the microbes at the plant AND in the homes of the affected children....

 ...Genetic sequencing on the two available samples from ill infants did not match strains of Cronobacter in our plant. Samples from ill infants did not match each other, meaning there was no connection between the two cases. [6/11]

In all four cases, the state, FDA, and/or CDC tested samples of the Abbott formula that was used by the child. In all four cases, all unopened containers tested negative. [7/11]

Open containers from the homes of the infants were also tested in three of the four cases; two of the three tested negative. The one positive was from an open container from the home of the infant, and it tested positive for two different strains of Cronobacter sakazakii… [8/11]

…one of which matched the strain that caused the infant’s infection, and the other matched a strain found on a bottle of distilled water in the home used to mix the formula. Again, neither strain matched strains found in our plant. [9/11]...

The putrid stench of "ambulance-chasing lawyer" is wafting through the air, isn't it?

Finally, even though the investigation totally cleared Abbott, the plant remains closed at the orders of Biden's FDA.

And all BidenšŸ¤” suggests is "Call your doctor."

Stolen elections have consequences.

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