Tuesday, May 24, 2022

RoJo: Russia Is a "Real Threat" to USA

Ron Johnson voted to spend $40 BILLION to re-arm Ukraine and pay its government workers, too.

That's because he views Russia as a threat to the US.  Here's his press release:

Monday on The Regular Joe radio program the senator said, “I believe Russia represents a real threat to western Europe and the globe. We cannot tolerate nor reward what Vladimir Putin has done there. The courageous people of Ukraine are fighting and dying for their freedom and I would argue, ours as well.”

And because Russia is such a threat--in Johnson's mind--he thinks admitting Finland and Sweden to NATO is just a dandy idea.  Why not?  The US should guarantee the defense of everyone in Western Europe, eh?  After all, they've done such a fine job of paying for their own defense since WWII--oh, wait.....

Well, Senator, I have a question.  If Russia is such a threat to the US, how come the US 'intel' agencies report that Russia's military is getting its ass handed to itself ?  What kind of threat is that?

Your rhetoric--that Ukrainians are fighting for OUR freedom--is based on what, exactly?  That they will defeat Russia and drive the Russian army back to Moscow?  That they will take out Putin and install a better government?

Be serious, Senator. 

But while we're on "better government," YOU KNOW that Ukraine is one of the 5 most corrupt countries in the world.  Reports that US arms are already being sold on the black market are circulating.  So exactly which part of that $40 BILLION you spent is subject to strict distribution protocols and requirements?

You also mentioned that it will take 'hundreds of billions' to rebuild Ukraine.  How much of that will be picked up by the US taxpayer , Senator?

Finally, Senator--exactly where are you going to find that $40 BILLION?  Will Red China buy that debt issue?

Your radio interview with Regular Joe was very weak, Ron.  You don't believe what you're saying, and neither do I.  You were taking orders from Mitch, you know it, and don't want to admit it.

Sad.  You know you did the wrong thing and you did it for the wrong reason.

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