Sunday, May 15, 2022

"Hundreds", Not "Thousands" of Pro-Aborts in Madistan

Weather was perfect for demonstrations, and the Capitol Cops in Madison were muttering about "thousands" of pro-abort demonstrators showing up yesterday (5/14.)

Didn't happen.

There were hundreds.

You know the crowd was small because of the pictures.  Also:  there was ZERO coverage by the Milwaukee TeeeeVeeee stations; if there had been a really significant crowd in Madistan, Milwaukee nooz outlets would have run the story.

(The Channel 3000 pic showed a lot of women who don't have to worry about men's hands being 'on their bodies.')

While the Democrat Party wants the Roe Reverse to be an issue in the Fall elections, it will NOT motivate a lot of people.  Just look at the pictures.

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