Tuesday, June 01, 2021

"Hope" for Hyper-Inflation?

The RINO-run Washington Standard shows its colors.

President Joe Biden said he would meet with Senate Republicans to discuss the party’s $928 billion infrastructure proposal, reviving hopes for a bipartisan deal after talks stalled last week.,,,

 This "deal" will merely bring either hyper-inflation OR de facto national bankruptcy.  Remember that Biden*'s umpty-bazillion $$budget is still in the works.

This leads us to ask "Who the Hell is 'hoping' for THIS?

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Grim said...

That's all right; all your debts are in dollars. The coming inflation will wipe them out. Just make sure you either own stuff that will sell in the future inflated dollars (like your house), or that you can get paid in another currency.

Good time to borrow money, too, if you were planning on it.