Monday, June 21, 2021

Marquette U. Is Warned

A few weeks ago, Marquette University announced that if a student wants to return to campus, they MUST be vaccinated.

They're free to enforce that policy, of course.  But MU might pay heavily for the privilege of its extreeeeeme ChinaFlu measures.

...high-profile medical and legal scholars are calling on colleges to scrap their COVID vaccine mandates, calling them unnecessary and potentially harmful to students.

University of California-Irvine medical ethicist Aaron Kheriaty and University of Notre Dame law professor Gerard Bradley went so far as to invoke the post-Nazi Nuremberg Code in urging universities to abandon their mandates, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed this week....

 It's also possible that parents and students may simply take a pass on MU.  Revenue-loss is a serious motivator for the Jesuits, ya'know.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it's again' the law for anyone to require the experimental shot.

Dad29 said...

That has not been adjudicated.

Regardless, anyone can require the shot so long as there is an alternative. In the case of MU (and others) the alternative is "Don't come here."