Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Cleveland Clinic vs. Channel 12

More studies, more uncovering of propaganda.

...there is now a study from the Cleveland Clinic [SEE HERE] showing there is no need to vaccinate anyone who previously recovered from the COVID-19 virus.  The vaccination provides no additional benefit....

Cleveland Clinic is a heavyweight.

But Channel 12's UW 'quality control' pill-pusher guy chirps otherwise!

...Someone will say, 'I'm pretty healthy. I had COVID last fall or three months ago, and you're still pushing the vaccine what's going on doc?' The real reason we push that vaccine is it looks to be that vaccine-induced immunity is better than natural immunity, especially when we talk about variants. So we know, for instance, the South American variant, the Brazil variant, did a good job of defeating natural immunity. If you had COVID previously and if you got in contact with that South American variant you could get COVID again. That's not the same story for folks who are vaccinated," said Dr. Jeff Pothof, of UW Health....

Yup.  Potential for permanent sterility, blood-clots, and genetic alteration be damned!!  Get More Shots!!

More on the superiority of natural vs. vax is here. (Same study, more explanation.)

And Rand Paul, M.D.: 

...If you have no proof that people who acquired natural immunity are getting or transmitting the disease in real numbers, then perhaps you should just be quiet. People are not getting re-infected in large numbers. And that’s not me saying so, that’s the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, quietly admitting that on its website. One thing they also admitted, while at first trying to hide it, was that there are no studies showing that getting the vaccine if you already have natural immunity is of any benefit at all. They can’t show that, because it has not yet been studied. It took my friend Congressman Thomas Massie to make them admit this, by the way....

OK, Doc.  You do you and get Vax.  I'll take natural immunity.

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