Monday, June 14, 2021

Scott McDonell Is a LIAR

 In a "news" story in which 75% of the content is 'guilt-by-association' garbage, we find Dane County clerk Scott McDonell lying through his teeth.

...Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell said he didn’t believe Wisconsin legislators could legally seize ballots and machines from him or other clerks. He will fight them if they try, he said, calling such a move "an existential threat to our democracy."

He said the Arizona review didn’t improve the public’s faith in elections because journalists and most members of the public can't get close enough to see what’s happening. That’s a contrast from recounts in Wisconsin that Trump requested that were closely watched by observers from both parties.

"If you can’t see the ballot and how people are counting them, you don’t have a recount," McDonell said. "It’s a play. It’s a drama. It’s not real."...

He's lying when he says Wisconsin recounts were 'closely watched by observers.'  The observers were kept at a 6' distance from counters, preventing the observers from actually seeing the ballots at close enough range to determine validity.  For mail-in ballots, there was no signature-match allowed, either.  That recount was a Potemkin Village act.  How do I know?  I was there.

Lying clerks and Party typist "reporters" would like you to believe that a recount is the same as an audit.


The AZ audit will be followed by a CANVASS which has caused Democrats to soil their diapers, as the CANVASS will send people to addresses used by "voters" and they will ask questions.  That's the very last thing that Wisconsin liar-clerks want to happen, friends.

The fun is just beginning.


Anonymous said...

"He's lying when he says Wisconsin recounts were 'closely watched by observers."

No, he's telling the truth that the process was legitimate, and protocols were observed. You just don't want to believe him.

Dad29 said...

Read my post. I was there, and YOU were not.