Saturday, June 19, 2021

Nuclear Wordplay

You are correct to think that Ticker regards the FBI as a cancer.

Maybe worse.

Here, in an item addressing Biden's* idiotic move of giving Putin 'a list of off-limits targets'--so that Putin knows whom he MAY target, or worse, so that Putin knows which targets are most critical.....

Yes, Biden is that stupid.

Anyhow, Ticker goes on....

...Are you sure it's not the Felonious Bastard Instigators who are actually responsible, given that we now appear to have evidence they were actively involved (not mere "bystanders") in the January 6th fiasco?

It's not like the Felonious Bastard Instigators haven't previously done things like this, right?  Oh wait -- they have.  Repeatedly.  Yet these very same folks were incapable of paying attention to the direct information provided by a Florida flight simulator owner who, as a former military member, called them prior to 9/11 and told them that Saudis were showing up with wads of cash and buying simulator time but didn't want to know how to land the plane, a rather important part of actually learning to fly one for, oh, any purpose other than using it as a bomb!

He was ignored yet if he had not been 9/11 would have never happened at all....

FWIW, Ticker postulates that the Red Chinese were more likely responsible for the recent attacks.  They can pretend to be Russkies.  It's not that difficult.

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