Sunday, June 20, 2021

"Experts" Screw Up Solar Panel Projections, Too

Just so Dr. Frankenstein Fauci doesn't feel lonely as an 'expert' who can't find his ass with both hands, we have this!

New research shows that solar facilities already in operation are “chronically underperforming” and degrading much faster than experts had originally expected.

According to an article in PV-Tech, a trade association publication for the solar industry, the annual degradation in the field are much higher than expected at around 1 percent, which is nearly double previous estimates....

 It gets better:

...Additionally, PV Evolution Labs, which late last month reported its annual Module Reliability Scorecard, finding that solar module failure rates have continued to rise, is also a contributor to the report, noting how small differences in raw materials can impact overall system performance by as much as 5 percent....

I'm sure that Neumann's solar-panel company will immediately change its pricing to reflect the reality, right?

Neumann's bunch is peanuts, though, compared to the Big Boyzzzz who are all in this for the Big Boyzzzz tax benefits.  But that brings up another question.

 ...In the real world, this will have big implications for Xcel Energy’s and Great River Energy’s plans to prematurely shut down their coal plants and rely on an expensive combination of wind, turbines, solar panels, and natural gas power plants...

Xcel has service areas in Wisconsin.  In 20 years you'll find them easily:  they'll all be dark.

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