Monday, June 21, 2021

SCOTUS Fake-Out on Freedom of Religion

Before you do a happy-dance over the Supreme Court's recent ruling, consider the words of a real jurist:  Sam Alito.

...Last Thursday, the Supreme Court appeared to offer a mild rebuke to secularists in the Philadelphia city government who refused to place children with a Catholic adoption agency unless it opened up its services to homosexuals. Unfortunately, the unanimous ruling carries little significance, says Justice Samuel Alito, who noted that the ruling rested on narrow and technical reasoning. (The city, the court ruled, had failed to observe its own exemption-making power, which it denied to Catholic Social Services.) Alito had hoped the court would defend the Catholic adoption agency on originalist First Amendment grounds.

“This decision might as well be written on the dissolving paper sold in magic shops,” Alito wrote. “The City has been adamant about pressuring CSS [Catholic Social Services] to give in, and if the City wants to get around today’s decision, it can simply eliminate the never-used exemption power. If it does that, then, voila, today’s decision will vanish — and the parties will be back where they started…. What is the point of going around in this circle?”

He continued, “The Court has emitted a wisp of a decision that leaves religious liberty in a confused and vulnerable state. Those who count on this Court to stand up for the First Amendment have every right to be disappointed — as am I.”...

Roberts is a pussy.

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