Friday, June 11, 2021

Video: ANTIFA Breaks Into Capitol 1/6

Another bit of the 14,000 hours of UN-released video showed up.

Gee.  Dressed all in black, carrying baseball bats, about a dozen people, breaking into the US Capitol on January 6th, VERY organized.

But hey......Nancy Pelosi (who is in charge of the Capitol Police, remember?) says that Trump's 1/6 speech "instigated" the "invasion."

Huh.  Uniform wear, at least a dozen people, carrying baseball the Hell did Trump's contemporaneous speech have anything to do with this?

And gee, Mr. Wray:  has the FBI found these people?  Broken into their homes?  Imprisoned them without bail?  Prevented their lawyers from seeing "evidence"?



Радомир Эра said...
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Anonymous said...

Actually, the Proud Boys pretended to be Antifa.

Block confesses that the Proud Boys deliberately dressed like antifa on January 6, which revelation could implicate a top Trump congressional ally—indeed one who strategized with Donald Trump at the White House pre-insurrection—in a post-insurrection cover-up.

Here’s Block answering a user’s question during an hour-long “AMA” (“ask me anything”) while waiting for his flight at the San Francisco airport on January 7:

[Reading a viewer’s question out loud]: “Why didn’t we wear Proud Boy colors yesterday?” Because we heard that antifa was going to try to wear Proud Boys colors to try to fit in with us, so we decided to try to look like them [antifa] instead. That’s why. And no, we’re not going to do it again next time, so don’t think, antifa, you’re going to figure us out—because we change our shit up all the time.

Dad29 said...

There remain about 13,995 hours of UN-seen videotape from the demonstration. We'll know 'who's who' after that is reviewed.