Friday, June 18, 2021

In Georgia, Trump Won

Heard about this story yesterday, plenty of BIG problems with Fulton County election(s)=--including the Senate primaries and finals--and there will be prison time for some.

Noteworthy:  a temporary-help firm financed by Stacey Abrams infests not only the election offices but every State office, too.

One little piece:  there were FIVE tranches of mail-in ballots which had EXACTLY the same number of votes for Biden, Trump, and a third party.

Ga. SecState Raffensberger had this report in his hands--and lied like Hell to Trump about whether there were any problems in the  election.

Phil Kline observes that the Fulton County mess is replicated in several other States.......


Anonymous said...

Actually, Trump lost in Georgia. The whole point of his "memo" from November 2020 (!) was to state that the handling of ballots was sloppy but did NOT rise to the level of fraud. Of course, since then, his accusations have been looked at thoroughly, and there is no evidence that show the election was compromised. Remember, we are still waiting for Sidney Powell to provide the devastating evidence that the U.S. Army seized Dominion servers in Germany that show how Trump votes were switched to Biden. Why hasn't she come forward? Why is she waiting? Furthermore, what little I can find on the guy is he works for an organization that handled some campaigns for low level offices.

Dad29 said...


You COULD read between the lines of the report--and then ask yourself why the SecState lied like Hell in that call with Trump.


Anonymous said...

The SecState didn't lie.

The "report" didn't discuss of fraud.

We're still waiting for Powell's revelations.

Trump lost.

But at least Epstein didn't kill himself.

Dad29 said...

Your read on the report is wrong.

It did not specify fraud because--while he saw multiple instances of egregious law violations--the reporter could not "prove" fraud. That requires knowledge of intent, you see.

Running batches of ballots through the machine several times COULD be stupidity, right? Promising to "F.... things up" could merely be slang for farting, right?

And engaging a personnel-providing contractor financed by Tracey--without enforcible and enforced personnel screening--well, that's just business, you see?

No doubt there will be zero prison time, just as there was zero prison time for the guards who allowed Epstein to be killed.