Sunday, June 27, 2021

The Killer Vax?

The doctor making this claim is on the Med School faculty at Baylor and Texas A&M.  He's not a Fauci...

The logic he uses begins with the proposition that CoVid19 is a bioweapon and it is a weapon because of its 'spike' protein.

...“The first wave of the bioterrorism is a respiratory virus that spread across the world, and affected relatively few people—about one percent of many populations—but generated great fear.”

He said the virus targeted primarily people over 50 with multiple medical conditions. It poses almost no risk to children....

Early on, there was no treatment protocol; many people were told to stay home, rest, hydrate--the usual.  When (and if) their condition deteriorated, they were hospitalized, and many didn't make it.

Moving forward, we obrained The Vax which delivers a spike protein.  It is being pushed very hard by every means possible in every nook and cranny of the US.  Isn't that wonderful?


...The federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS] logged 5,993 reports of deaths of people injected with the COVID vaccine between Dec. 14, 2020, and June 11, 2021. That’s more than all the deaths reported to VAERS from all other vaccines combined over the last 22 years.

But these numbers, as shocking as they are, don’t scratch the surface of the actual number of dead Americans, said McCullough....

 “We have now a whistleblower inside the CMS, and we have two whistleblowers in the CDC. We think we have 50,000 dead Americans. Fifty thousand deaths. So we actually have more deaths due to the vaccine per day than certainly the viral illness by far. It’s basically propagandized bioterrorism by injection.

So.  The bioweapon virus creates a spike protein which can be fatal.  The vaccine delivers the very same spike protein, and assuming McCullough's whistleblowers are not lying, The Vax is deadly, too.

It's useful to remember that there is a P.I. lawyer involved here.

Stay tuned.

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