Wednesday, June 16, 2021

How to Have a "Priest Shortage"

Bp. Malloy of Rockford (native of Wauwatosa) may be having a "priest shortage."

....Some Catholics in attendance at Sunday's gathering were unaware of Malloy's history ousting good priests, leaving them in a canonical limbo that Rockford Catholics call "the farm." 

Though the faithful were there for Fr. Parker, they quickly got on board for the other persecuted priests — estimated at around 20.

Described by one source as a "vindictive" man, Malloy not only removes these priests from ministry, but makes it impossible for them to go elsewhere. ...


In Rockford, that's wholesale, not retail.

Malloy's previous assignment was a General Secretary of USCC, during which time he managed to get rid of only ONE of the cancers there, an elderly woman who hated Catholics and the Church.

Now, as Bishop, with unlimited powers in his Diocese, he massacres 20 priests?


We're sure that +Malloy has an explanation for all that.  Maybe it includes words like "divisive" (a Rembert Weakland favorite) or "ineffective"--a word that means everything but nothing simultaneously.

Clearly, +Malloy doesn't need any contributions to his "seminary fund." 


Mar said...

To say this about Malloy is very disappointing to me.
But in last paragraph in article:"David Malloy was ordained a priest by Abp. Rembert Weakland — a homosexual that stole church funds, shuffled around pedophile priests and shredded records on clergy sex abuse."
What does that have to with Malloy? It makes me think that the article isn't that accurate.

Anonymous said...

This article is accurate - Malloy is a bully and a coward - any reflection of Jesus in him is zero. I'm a Catholic who lives in Rockford Il.