Monday, June 28, 2021

Charlie Sykes, the Hemorrhoid

Well, whaddya know!  Charlie Sykes loves him some Critical Race Theory!

..."The Bulwark" is once again supporting the teaching of Critical Race Theory in public, taxpayer-funded schools, and peddling the leftwing talking point that if citizens weigh in on what the schools they're funding are to teach their children, that's "cancel culture" and "censorship."

They -- specifically, Charlie "3-Wives" Sykes, a noted strict social conservative except when he's serially cheating on his serial wives -- are furthermore claiming that it's racist to oppose Critical Race Theory.

Because, as this genius who is definitely not servicing the account of a leftwing donor posits, if you were not racist, you'd ban the teaching of Marxism itself. By restricting the ban to the Critical Race Theory part of applied Marxism, you "give the game away" that you just hate black people....


Charlie, you smirking jackwad, CRT is jammed down the throats of grade- and high-school kids, not college Econ/PolySci students.   We like to think that college students are capable of thinking independently, whereas 4th-graders are not.

Further, CRT is not presented as a narrative--which it is; it is presented as historical fact.  But really, it's only a theory (see that name in the title, Charlie?).  Not many 4th graders, or 8th graders, can argue the competing narrative if it's never been taught, can they?

If you want to click through Ace's site to Charlie the Hemorrhoid, feel free.  But I'm not linking him.

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