Sunday, June 20, 2021

Contra the Bushies on Immigration

Many years ago, a Buckley-ite friend (now sadly deceased) and I debated the 'Hispanic vote' for GWBush, he maintaining that Bush was supported by Hispanics due to Bush's flaccid immigration stance, I arguing that whatever that vote was, it was NOT for his silly and--really--counter-productive policies.

I was right.

...Heavily Hispanic areas of Florida, California, Colorado, Illinois, and New York saw substantial increases in Republican performance. Perhaps the change is attributable to Trump’s strong, “macho” personality, but this also plays a bit too heavily on stereotypes of Hispanic males.

The best explanation is probably twofold. First, the notion that immigration has the same salience for Hispanic voters as civil rights may have for African Americans always stemmed from white liberals attempting to pound a square peg into a round hole. In a late 2020 poll, the Pew Research Center found that Hispanics were concerned primarily about the economy, healthcare, and the coronavirus outbreak, just like other adults. This is consistent with a decade’s worth of findings from Pew and other firms....

By the way, that analysis also puts the hyped-up 'suburban women' group exactly where it belongs:  they are "white liberals" who happen to live in previously-Republican redoubts.  

Message to Republican politicians?  TRUMP ON!!!

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