Sunday, June 27, 2021

Why the Gaslight From Robin Vos?

Below we wrote that Speaker Robin Vos is attempting to gaslight Wisconsin citizens about the 2020 election.


Simple.  Vos wrote (or approved) the laws on the books during the '20 Fraud.  Were it to develop that his laws allowed significant fraud and cheating (they did), Vos would look like the fool.

He also appointed two useless appendages to the Wisconsin Election Commission Board--who rolled over and supported Democrat-activist cheat-enablers on that same Board.  Strike Two.

Finally, while Mark Belling was screaming his head off about the "drop-boxes" and "vote-in-the-park" games Madison (and Milwaukee) were playing, Vos was apparently too busy managing lobbyists (eating free and taking money) to pay attention to the cheating.

Do not wonder why Vos is slow-walking action and slip-slide talking.  It's all on him.

Now the question is 'whether the cops and Gableman can write a report that makes Robin happy.'

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Anonymous said...

Vos understands that Trump lost.