Sunday, June 27, 2021

Vos Gaslighting Us?

Credit the local Pravda for writing the whole story.

It appears that Speaker Vos is gaslighting conservative voters.  Here's Vos' reaction to a statement from Trump:

" Wisconsin, we have hired investigators, we have passed legislation and we are doing a forensic audit already," Vos said. "So I think this is one of those cases where the president was just misinformed by his staff or he didn’t see the media reports."...

First off, Robin, "passing legislation" CERTAIN to be vetoed by Tin-Pot Tony is symbolic.  You know that.  What plan do you have for getting the override votes, Robin?

As to your "forensic audit," Robin:

 ...Rep. Janel Brandtjen, the chairwoman of the Assembly Elections Committee, said Saturday during an election panel she wants the review to "verify" ballots and voting machines — which Vos said Saturday wouldn't be part of the review. ...

Brandtjen has been hip-deep in the review of the election, unlike Vos, who is busy 'managing lobbyists'; that is, taking donations and free food.  If Brandtjen thinks Robin's "audit" is inadequate, it IS inadequate.  Do you have a good explanation for the improbably-low number of signature-match rejects?

Vos has picked up a serious case of Madison Flu.  That's also known as 'Disconnect Disease', usually accompanied by a massive superiority complex.  It's the little brother of D.C. Flu, which was seen in Eric Cantor and is the rumored diagnosis of Ron Kind, Mitt Romney, and Susie Collins.

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Anonymous said...

Vos understands that Trump lost.