Saturday, June 12, 2021

Biden* Goes Stalin: Kills off Farms and Ranches

Knocking off the kulaks (yeoman farmers) worked for Stalin, right?

So that's where Joe Biden* is going, too!!

 The Biden administration's decision to reverse the Navigable Waters Protection Rule will be a disaster for farmers and ranchers, the head of the nation's largest farm group says....

 ...Rep. Kelly Armstrong, R-N.D., in a statement Wednesday said he's hopeful the EPA will listen to the concerns of farmers and ranchers.

"The waters of the United States rule (2015) would have been a disaster for North Dakota's farmers and ranchers," Armstrong said. "The Trump administration was right to revise the [Waters of the United States] rule and put forward a policy that strikes a balance to keep our waters clean without destroying thousands of North Dakotans' livelihoods. I am grateful to Administrator Regan for coming to North Dakota and listening to our concerns on this rule, and I urge the Biden administration to consider the harm to our communities that going back to failed one-size-fits-all policies would cause.''...

Biden* and the Greens he employs don't give a rat's ass about the livelihoods of United States farmers, nor any other United States citizens who stand in the way of the Great Marxist Reset.

Once you recognize that, you'll be buying an AR-15.

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