Thursday, June 24, 2021

Biden Camps: Migrant Hell

 Smooth move, Biden*!

...Findings by the BBC from interviews with staff and migrant children revealed allegations of sexual abuse, COVID-19 and lice outbreaks, long waits for medical attention, a lack of clean clothes, and children served under-cooked meats. Staff members provided the BBC with leaked photos and video from inside detention centers.

This investigation centered on a tented facility erected at Fort Bliss near El Paso, Texas. The facility is the temporary home for more than 2,000 unaccompanied minors who illegally crossed the border from Mexico into Texas.

Staff and children told the BBC the facilities served under-cooked meat to hungry children — some of whom became ill after eating....

Must be the same contractor who poisoned the Palace Guard in D.C. 

Then there's this:

 ...The BBC also found reports of staff members sexually abusing children. In a secret recording, one staff member said, “We have already caught staff with minors inappropriately.”

An official with the Department of Homeland Security also reportedly spoke to staff members about a rape incident.

DHS mentioned there was a rape – they are giving the girls pregnancy tests,” the staff member told the BBC. “And I heard the other night that another contractor was caught in a boys’ tent, you know, doing things with him.”...

Come to a Biden Camp and Get Raped!!

But Biden* has Good Intentions, so it doesn't matter.

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