Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Parents/Taxpayers Get Noisy. GOOD!!

The Elmbrook Board of Education should take note.

The Loudoun County School Board in Virginia cut off public comment during a meeting on Tuesday as residents debated contentious transgender policy proposals and Critical Race Theory.

County residents arrived early to pack the auditorium as 259 residents signed up to speak during the public comment session before the debates became so heated that at least two men were eventually arrested for refusing to leave the building. The men were protesting the policy.

The parents debated a draft of the proposed 8040 policy on restrooms that reads that 'students should be allowed to use the facility that corresponds to their gender identity,' as school district leaders say they are moving to make schools more inclusive for transgender students - something that is considered by some parents as challenging traditional religious beliefs....

The Loudoun County Nutbags cut off the mikes after only 51 of the 259 spoke. 

Recalls are underway.  Doesn't take much to make those happen, either.

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