Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Those Poor, Poor, Elmbrook Schools

 This is astounding.

“Elmbrook remains disappointed in the lack of commitment to children from the Joint Finance Committee,” said Mark Hansen, Superintendent of the Elmbrook School District...

That's because the Legislature slapped another $128 MILLION into school supports this year--on top of the record-high spending of the last biennial school support.

Yes, the Teachers' Union mouthpieces disguised as 'school superintendents' are ......greedy.

...Preliminary estimates show property rich Elmbrook is expected to get more than $8.7 million in new funding — or about $1,200 more per pupil. That’s a pretty generous boost, particularly for a district that has surreptitiously injected critical race theory and other controversial lesson plans into its curriculum....

That $8.7 MILLION comes from "Covid relief" Fed funds. 

Maybe Elmbrook should dump the Marxist-analysis CRT and its historically embarrassing "sex ed" programs, thus finding a way to 'make do' with its very, very nice revenue stream.

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