Tuesday, June 08, 2021

"Insurrection"? Nope. Not Even Close.

The AssPress went national with a story--more like a fable--claiming, without evidence, that the Jan 6th protest was an "insurrection."  Unfortunately, Channel 6 ran the story without making a correction.

...It does not call the attack an insurrection, even though it was....

Yah--but it was NOT "an insurrection," as proven by the indictment filed by the US Attorney.

...The indictment claims, “The purpose of the conspiracy was to stop, delay, and hinder the Certification of the Electoral College vote.” Yet it offers no evidence that this was the purpose of the Oath Keepers and actually presents evidence that shows their purpose was to join the rally and be prepared if any violence was begun by others....

Aside from the actual criminal actions such as destruction of Government property, assault on a peace officer (etc.)--which SHOULD be punished, just as are identical acts by BLM/Antifa (heh), the protest was actually perfectly constitutional.  Remember that line about 'petition the Government for redress....'?

...The Stop the Steal rally on January 6th was a protest against the certification of the 2020 election. It was designed to influence lawmakers to vote against certifying the results of the Electoral College until investigations of abnormalities in the voting had been conducted. This vote takes place after every election and is a normal function of government. It has resulted in Democrat lawmakers voting against certifying the results previously on multiple occasions: “Democrats launched small-scale and short-lived objections to electoral vote counts in 2001, 2005 and 2017,” writes Voice of America’s Patsy Widakuswara.

There is nothing unlawful about planning and conducting a rally to attempt to influence lawmakers to vote against certification. It is the very definition of petitioning the government for redress of grievances. So it is incumbent on the government to prove the Oath Keepers intended to do this using unlawful means and conspired for that purpose.

The indictment cites the manner and means by which this conspiracy is alleged to have been planned, but nothing showing the purpose which the indictment claims....

IOW, the US Attorney is lying.  That seems to be a habit of US Attorneys, particularly when their lying favors Democrat causes.

Unfortunately, Channel 6 swallowed the AssPress fable whole.

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