Sunday, June 06, 2021

"Theory" Strikes at Mothers

Yesterday we mentioned "Theory," which is post-Modernist deconstuction.  You can call it "lunacy" if you like, despite its claim to 'lived experience's' superiority to reality.

This column in the Daily Mail should convince you that "lunacy" is the correct word.  (Please note that the author is definitely Lefty).

...[Stonewall, a 'gay rights' organization] asserts I must not call myself mother, nor be called one. Instead, I must re-educate my brain to think of myself as 'a parent who has given birth'. Not to do so is an affront to trans people, an attack on their right to gender self-identification....

...Following Joe Biden's election as US President, the word 'mother' was removed from the rules of the House of Representatives, along with other overtly 'gendered' terminology.

Meanwhile, 'breast-feeding' has become 'chest-feeding', it's not 'mother's milk' but 'chest-milk' and maternity departments don't call themselves such because motherhood is deemed an out-dated social construct. And where the existence of biological sex is, to some such as Stonewall's CEO Nancy Kelley, the equivalent of antisemitism....

 That's "Theory" at work.

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