Saturday, June 05, 2021

Democrat Explains Democrat Racism

You can read all the slip-slide crap published by lawyers (who live on fees, remember?) and the assorted wack-jobs who are Democrats or their militia-wing Antifa/BLM, or their typists in the press.

It's all a smokescreen.  Foo-foo dust. 

CRT is Marxist analysis using color instead of wealth.  Period.

When Wisconsin Pubbie Leggies came out with a bill prohibiting teaching Marxist analysis-in-color, a rabid Democrat made their case:

...Taking racism and sexism so personally that folks are willing to keep it alive and well for their own comfort and power rather than dismantle it for the good of all...--Rep. Kristina Shelton, D-Green Bay

Precisely.  Keeping racism and sexism alive and well is EXACTLY the point of Critical Race Theory.  

Thank you, Rep. Shelton

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